Thursday, June 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #165 : Alice in Wonderland

  I heard something about it being some kind of children's literature week,but now I can't seem to find anything about it. In any case,today we are looking at one of the most famous characters from Children's literature:Alice.

 This particular Alice was missing her skirt, but this one was floating around in the doll tub at my favourite goodwill,where I got her. It will do until I make her one. I bought her,incomplete as she is, because,as you know if you have read the blog very much,I collect Alice stuff in general. Besides, I have the Mad hatter from this series already.

Alice is about 9" tall.

She's made by Toy Works,which as I said, made other characters from the Alice books,in this same simple style of shaped, printed dolls.

The Alice books have always been a couple of my favourites. You may have seen my week of Alice posts which starts HERE.

Check back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I went back and read your Alice week posts. I have that same Skipper doll, and yes, she isn't wearing her shoes either. I think they split too. I'm going to have to make her some shoes that fit over those stockings. At least since they are flats it should be relatively easy. I also have the Tinkerbell and Wendy Skipper-sized dolls from that same time period.

    Apparently Dodson sent Tenniel some photos of girls that he thought the Alice in his mind looked like when Tenniel began to work on the illustrations for the book. You can see a pic of the girl supposedly chosen to represent Alice here. This is why Alice has longish blond hair and is not a brunette.

    Although speaking of Alice Liddell, it drives me crazy because I see pictures of her and her sisters on Pinterest. And because Dodson was taking some pictures as "artsy" with the girls being solemn and languid, there are people who have described some of the pictures as "Oh, this girl is dying, and the others are saying goodbye."!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like on Pinterest, every other person in a 1800s photo is dying or in mourning. Makes me want to scream.

    You must *love* the latest Disney Alice in Wonderland live action movies! (I'm being very sarcastic.)

  2. Thank you. I had never seen Beatrice Henley before. Yes, the solemn looks on the faces of people in old photos and the old practice of photographing dead family members has caused some people to spread rumours that many normal photos are people dying or dead. It took a long time for those old photos to take, and smiling that long was much harder than frowning. I remember the Wendy and Tinkerbell dolls you mentioned. Wendy wa particularly nice. I don't think I have ever seen a film version of the Alice books I really like. I'm very picky about my Alices! I only saw part of the first of those live action Disney Alice movies. And you're right. I did NOT like it. I thought the second one looked interesting, but nothing like Through the Looking Glass. If they would just make it an original movie based on the characters i might not be so critical of it.

  3. So glad to hear that someone else is partial to Tenniel's Alice. I always thought that if there was anyone who could do a truly accurate Alice movie, it would be Tim Burton. Sigh. He opted to go the Disney/sequel/whatever route, though. I'm truly disappointed. Charles Dodgson is turning over in his grave. I recently did a program on Alice dolls at the Fire-Flies doll convention in Orlando and during my research was amazed at the variety of interpretations I ran across. I don't care for any Alice movies (although the 1988 Jan Svankmajer is truly bizarre) and Disney's 1951 cartoon irritates me to the extreme. Wish I could tell you how I really feel! :) Robin

    1. I agree with you about the Tim Burton and the '51 Disney Alice! I hate it when they try to make Alice too sweet,(She was a truly grouchy child.),too old,or too American. I would have loved to have seen your presentation.


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