Saturday, June 17, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #168:Shrunken Saturday:Cabbage Patch Pin Up Doll

  Don't let today's title fool you. This is not that kind of 'pin up'! It's this kind.

This is a Cabbage Patch Pin Up doll,made in 1983.

The name refers to the fact that the frame can be hung on the wall.

By this hook.

The mini Cabbage Patch is 5" tall.

She's soft,with a vinyl head.

Her clothes are removable...

...but her shoes,in spite of how they look from the front,are sewn into her legs in the back.

The frame is plastic with a removable plush frame.

The inside is lined with a printed fabric that makes a scene.

This one is a clubhouse.

There is also a strip of Velcro in the back of the frame...

.. .that corresponds to Velcro on the doll's back,to hold her in the frame when it it hung on the wall.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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  1. I'm not overly fond of the Cabbage Patch dolls, even though I have one of the originals from the 80s myself, but I always find miniature versions of bigger things cute. Which partially explains why I'm into dolls in the first place!


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