Saturday, June 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #155:Play'n Jane

  Today's doll is one I just love. She's Play'n Jane.

Play'n Jane was made by Ideal in 1971.

She's wearing her original shirt, pants, and shoes.

Jane is about 16" tall,in spite of what her ad says.

Jane's gimmick was that she plays.

Powered by one C battery,she originally played basketball,horseshoes, and tic tac toe.

 That's why she can assume a sitting position. She had to be able to operate her toys. When she did, her movements were raising and lowering her right arm and head.

Her right arm is in a bent position so she can smack the switch to flip the lever that flips the balls and things.

There is a drawback to that though. Because it's necessary for her head to mechanically lower, it can't be turned. She can only ever look forward.

But she has such a pretty face that I can overlook her limited posability. 

You can see the commercial for Play'n Jane HERE.

I don't have any of Jane's accessories,but I think she's a very cute doll even without them.

She has silky red hair that's rooted to be in two ponytails.

She looks cute with it down too.

When it's combed, the part in the back is completely covered.

Tomorrow is another doll. See you then.


  1. I love this doll. She has such a great face with so much character. Makes me miss the great faces Ideal and Mattel dolls used to have.

  2. too bad she doesnt come with her toys, I cant believe how big she is, I first thought she was a 12 inch doll. thanks again for more doll enlightenment :)


    1. She originally came with her toys, but I got mine used and there was only the doll available.

  3. I got this girl in box from a flea market and I adore her, and if I remember correctly my doll's head can move side to side and up and down. However,your doll may just be jammed or something because I repaired mine. She's super cute!

    1. Maybe she doesn't work correctly, like you say. It would be nice if her head could turn. Maybe if I get her working she can get the 'crick' out of her neck.


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