Monday, June 12, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #162: Flea Market Buys: Ever After, Monster High, and a Disney Store Classic

  Yesterday my friend Lori and I went to a flea market. I found a few interesting things. Today's 'doll' is three dolls I found yesterday at the flea market.

The Ever After High doll is Briar Beauty from the Royal series.

In her box she would have looked like this.
She's the daughter of Sleeping Beauty.

She has her cool sunglasses on her head.

And she has some interesting shoes and vine covered tights.

The Monster High doll is Vandala Doubloons from the Haunted series.

She's supposed to be the daughter of  pirate ghost.

I haven't checked yet to see if she glows in the dark,but she kind of looks like she would. I hope so!

She's missing the plastic thingy that goes over the front of her dress...

This is how she would have looked in her box.
 ... but she has her hat,with it's ghostly ship

She's also missing the lower half of one arm, but I figured I can replace it. She was pretty enough and near enough complete to be worth the dollar I paid without the rest of her arm.
She seems to have a peg leg.

 There isn't a removable shoe on the peg leg, but the other foot has a nice shoe.

 The third doll is Merida from "Brave".

In looking her over to figure out which Merida she is, I discovered that she has those over rubbery legs that identified her as a Disney Store doll.She's a Classic Merida.

She has her original dress, but no shoes.

 I found a couple of other things and another interesting doll,which I will show you tomorrow.


  1. You got a great deal on that Briar, considering she still has her earrings, bracelet, *and* ring!

    1. I missed a bunch of Monster and Ever After High dolls at my favourite Goodwill today.Another lady who collects dolls was digging through the bin when I got there. Ever Afters.She had a complete Cerise Hood(Including cape),and a bunch of fully clothed dolls. I got three very pale complexion Ever Afters,but they were nude. So I'm considering trying repaints on them.

  2. cool finds, I have started collecting the originals but most of them are nude too but they do fit the brats clothes. I have that merida doll I just have to curl her hair the person who had her before had some sticky gunk all over it.


    1. Luckily this Merida's hair will be ok with just a slight touch up,because i could never redo those curls!


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