Saturday, June 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #175:Shrunken Saturday: My Little Pony Molly

  This week Shrunken Saturday features this tiny girl.

She's marked 1986 Hasbro.

I had no idea who she was until I started researching her for this post.

It turns out, she's Molly, from Hasbro's 1980's My Little Pony line. I think she's the little sister of the character Megan. She came with a Pony called Baby Sundance,or at least was paired with Baby Sundance in the line.

This is her original dress,but she is also supposed to have striped leggings,white shoes and pink ribbons on her ponytails. .

Her hair was originally in two ponytails like this,and is rooted in a part up the back.

When I got her, her hair was so frizzy I had no idea it had a part up the back.

But she looks pretty good now.

She has rubber bendy legs.

She measures 4" tall. Megan was 6" tall.

She 's a cute little girl. She vaguely resembles the dolls from Hasbro's Moondreamers line too.

See you again tomorrow for another doll.

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