Monday, May 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #135:Camping Family Skipper

  I hope all the mom's out there had a nice Mother's Day. I missed seeing Fuzzy, who snuck by and left a garden gnome plant hanging guy in my mailbox,

but the girls were here. (Ivy had to be. She lives here.) Ivy made pancakes for breakfast,and Emma and Ivy and I hung out until Ken got home. Then we all went for dinner. I got flowers from Ken and Emma.

They were both creative in their choice of vase, and also thirsty apparently.
 and Emma gave me a really cool Monty Python book,

some flying pig socks,

and some marshmallow tea cakes she ordered from England,

and Ivy gave me a doll we'll be seeing soon.Ken 'gave' me a doll I bought for myself a while back,,(We'll see her soon too, along with the doll I...uh, I mean Ken, got me for Easter.),the Record Store Day Beatles single Emma managed to pick up this year,and a special edition 75th birthday Paul McCartney magazine.
 Today's doll was part of the same Goodwill haul as the previous dolls we've looked at. She's Camping Family Skipper.

This is her original outfit, but not shoes. They're similar though. The real ones are bigger than these, which blows my mind, because these were too big.

As you may know from reading the blog,I'm a Skipper collector...

100 Skipper and friends dolls from day 100 of the first Doll-A-Day.

 My favourite Skippers are the vintage Skippers,especially the Mod Era dolls. I thought Teen Skipper was very pretty, but I didn't like that they aged her. Skipper was supposed to be Barbie's younger sister,about 10-12 years old. Teen Skipper was almost indistinguishable from Barbie. She was about the same height,just thinner with a slightly flatter chest. She could have been just another teenager.    
  Teen Skipper disappeared in 2003. There were no Skippers,other than a reproduction of vintage Skipper in 2007,until Camping Family Skipper in 2009.


When Skipper reappeared as Camping Family Skipper I'm pretty sure she still had Teen Skipper's face.

The prototype has centered eyes though. the production doll has side glancing eyes.

She's blonde with a pinkish-purple streak.

The same year there was a Target exclusive wedding set,(Barbie I Can Be Bride), that used the same face for it's Skipper,and she was still blonde.

As far as I know, that was the last time Skipper used that face, or was offered as a blonde. After that Skipper has only been offered as a brunette,and her face sculpt is definitely different.

Since this Skipper was a 'camping' doll, I thought she should be camping in her photo shoot.

I got this tent, along with a bigger one,at a yard sale. They're samples of real tents from store displays.

I had wanted one of these tents since I worked at a store that had some of them. I don't remember what happened to the rest of them, but I know one employee bought one for her cat! Normally they're pretty expensive if you can find one. I got these two for, I think 5 or 6 dollars.

Her tent needs some stakes though.

The kids and I played 'dolls going camping'. There were tents galore in this house. Long before I found these tents I made a tent for Fuzzy's Tommy dolls out of some really old windbreaker fabric and....underwires out of some old bras! That's a secret, so don't talk about it...
    I like this blonde Skipper, and the face sculpt is pretty. I do like the currant face sculpt too though.

Love the side glancing eyes!
I just wish they would make the occasional Skipper without the coloured streak in her hair.

Tomorrow there will be more dolls from the Goodwill haul. It's the gift that just keeps giving.


  1. Are the cakes in the yellow box good? Our supermarket has them, I keep wanting to try them but I'm never brave enough

  2. They are really good. They aren't weird or anything. It's basically a graham cracker type bottom, with a big marshmallow inside, covered in chocolate. We are vegetarian (except Ken), and the marshmallow is veg safe,which isn't very often the case in commonly available sweets. So we were thrilled to find these! We can get them here at World Market, but they are about $1.99 (still pretty cheap), but we found them in England for 50 pence!

  3. That tent is a great find. They usually go for big bucks on eBay. And you have a fantastic Skipper collection!

    1. I know. I jumped on them when I found them at that yard sale. And thank you! I need to display them better. I have a glass front bookcase I need to refinish that should have shelves just the right height for Skippers.


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