Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #122: Little Miss Margie

  Today's doll is Little Miss Margie.

Little Miss Margie lounging on my Mattel Modern Furniture. You may have read about it when I found it at Salvation Army HERE.
 She's made by Belle Dolls and Toys.

She could use a clean up. I got her by accident in an auction lot a while back, and I haven't done anything with her. This is her original dress though.

I know that because I researched, but also because this was inside the case with her:

A copy of an article showing a Little Miss Margie in box,wearing the same dress.
  That's one heck of a huge hair thing somebody put in her hair.

She is missing one shoe. The one she has doesn't seem to be the same as the shoes the doll in the article is wearing.

Little Miss Margie is 10 1/2" tall,and very similar to Little Miss Revlon.

A Little Miss Revlon with Little Miss Margie.
 She has a twist waist.

Something has darkened her middle.

She has sleep eyes with solid plastic lashes. 

She wasn't alone in the case. This other doll was keeping her company.

Their eyelashes and eye brows are painted differently.

This is the case they were in. It's a 'Margie' case, but is it the same Margie?

It's copyright 20th Century Fox Television. There was a show called "My Little Margie",but that has nothing to do with Little Miss Margie. I can't find anything out about any "My Little Margie" doll,but there must have been one, or where did this case come from? The fact that the doll was in the case doesn't mean anything, because they could have been put together merely because they shared the same name,either by the old owner, or the auction house.
Little Miss Margie isn't a doll I would normally have. She doesn't appeal to me really. I got her in a lot of other dolls at an auction,not intentionally. She's just passing through.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Do I see green ear, or is that just the earring itself that has changed color?

    1. The earrings are green, yes, but she's just on the verge. I should probably remove them if I were keeping her,but she'll be moving on.The next owner can decide what they want to do.


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