Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crowdfunding Deals at A Girl For All Time

  A Girl For All Time is having an Indiegogo crowdfunder full of deals to introduce two new dolls. You can visit their Indiegogo page HERE. The dolls are the incredibly cute Bex, the third doll in the Your Modern Girl series...

...and Your Elizabethan Girl Elinor.

I'd like to see more pictures of Elinor. I usually like red haired dolls, but she doesn't appeal to me nearly as much as Bex.

 I LOVE the pictures of Bex. She has a cute mouth and nose and you have to love that hair!


 Like all the A Girl For All Time dolls, the new dolls are 16" tall, and are jointed at the neck,shoulders,elbows,hips,and knees. (You can see my review of A Girl For All Time Clementine HERE.)There are some great deals on the fundraiser page.so check it out.

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