Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #129: Ever After High Cerise Hood

  Continuing my recent Goodwill finds, today's doll is Ever After High's Cerise Hood. 

 She was, unfortunately, naked. I had to dress her, and luckily, this dress that matches her eye colour was in the bag of clothes I bought.

Here she is with the very last of my lilacs. How I will miss them!

Anybody recognize this dress? It has no tag.

She's wearing Blondie Lockes' tights, and I know this for a fact, (Shhh...)
I have seen Cerise in stores, but out of her box I was struck by how very pretty she is.

The little dot accents on her lips are less obvious as dots
 in real life.

She has a simple hair cut,which means even I can't mess it up.

She was without clothes, but I got her anyway because she was so pretty, and at least she had her hands.

 Alot of the Monster High and Ever After High they had were missing their hands, or their entire lower arms.

Cerise is supposed to be the daughter of Red Riding Hood and the big bad Wolf. (Eww!) Her original outfit included a red hooded cape and a plaid dress.

Tomorrow we'll see another Goodwill find.(Here's a tid bit: It's another ever After High doll.)


  1. You've gotten some great finds at that Goodwill! And her dress really does bring out some of the color in her eyes. If it makes you feel any better, the Big Bad Wolf generally looks like a large, burly human, and is a teacher at Ever After High, even if Cerise can't admit that he is her dad.

    I wish some collectors could understand how tough some kids are on their dolls, and it's probably part of the reason Mattel is moving to less articulation in the EAH lines. Even if kids *love* articulated dolls as much as the collectors think, what fun is it when the dolls don't have arms or hands? What I would like to see Mattel do is something like what they do with Barbie: have a bunch of different ranges of EAH dolls, from playline to collector stuff. I'm not sure that Mattel hasn't already killed off a lot of interest in Ever After High from collectors, though, which is a shame, as I still love the dolls.

    1. I thought of you when I found all these!What would be great is if they could work out a design that would allow articulation, without allowing the dolls to actually come apart.So many Monster High and ever After High are found without limbs! They aren't going to hand down well! They'll be no complete ones left!Mattel could have made some beautiful collector's dolls with the Ever After dolls.Imagine it. I've seen some really beautiful repaints. I'd like to try it. That's why having extra dolls was something I wasn't going to turn down.I hate to ruin a complete one though. I may practice on the Clawdeen who now only has one hand. I cn always replace it if she turns out well.


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