Thursday, May 18, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #138:Forbitten Love Draculaura

  Here we go again. More dolls from my Goodwill haul. (Hey, I was going to show you a doll anyway.) Today's doll is Draculaura.

Shes' from the Forbitten Love set.

She originally came with Clawd Wolf.

These are her original dress and tights.

Tiny little buttons and gathered detail.

She had some great shoes, and an even greater parasol. Unfortunately those weren't with her when I found her at Goodwill.

You have to love the polka dot tights. I thought they were a little tame for Monster High, and might have actually gone on an Ever After High doll,(In fact, they're just like Madeline Hatter's tights, only in a different colour scheme.),until I researched.

 I replaced her pony tailers.

These are pretty large, but they were on some of the other dolls I got in the haul. At least they match.  I'll replace them with smaller pink ones eventually.

She has her earring.

The other earring is missing.

I still want to try repainting a Monster High doll. I hate to ruin one so near complete though.

It seems that when I find one incomplete enough to mess up, they're also missing hands or arms!

Tomorrow we'll look at a the last Monster High from the Goodwill haul.

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