Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Doll-A-Day #137:Ghouls Alive Clawdeen

  I was seething yesterday. I ordered my dad's headstone last summer.It took MONTHS for them to get the stone carved,and then it was too late in the year for them to set the stone. (Even though the guy promised me it would be set before the end of the season.) I kept in contact with him by phone and email,but I didn't hear from him for months. I heard from him in January that the stone was finally back from the carvers and would be set 'as soon as the weather breaks'. So I'm waiting,and waiting,and waiting. A week and a half ago I sent him an email saying,"Well? Surely the weather has broken by NOW!" Late last week I got an email saying the stone had been set. So yesterday I went out to see how it was.They got the stone right,and the Veteran's plaque was set correctly, even though the plaque wasn't centered properly on the marble slab.(It's not centered.There is a 2" space of marble on one side and a 3" space on the other.) But I can let that pass because if they tried to fix it they might screw it up as badly as the other stone! Is it just me,or should the headstone be parallel with the plaque at the foot?! I couldn't believe it! The headstone is half on, half off the grave! And,to top things off, the stone wasn't connected to the base! There was some kind of dried stuff under it,which you could see when you leaned the headstone back. The fact that you could lean the headstone back was something we shouldn't even have had to think of checking on. But after seeing how they hadn't even put the stone in the right spot, Ken thought of checking. So I whipped into the office,Ken following me in case I decked the guy,and there was nobody there. I went next door to the funeral home that owns the monument place. Since the guy there wasn't the guy I'd been dealing with I tried to be nice...sort of. I only got a little loud. Turns out my guy doesn't work there any more! Since he sent me the email last week? I mean,I'm not really wondering why he doesn't work there any more, but...But he's not even the guy who set the stone. Supposedly the cemetery did that. And the guy there told me they have had two other cemeteries do the same thing recently. Maybe that guy was in charge of setting stones.Anyway,they are getting it fixed, and I didn't have to maul anybody.
  On the positive side, my tomatoes have finally decided to start.
There are more in some of my other flower pots. I'm waiting until they get bigger to thin them because I want to save as many as possible. They just die if I move them when they are this small.
  Ok, here's another Monster High doll from my Goodwill haul.She's Clawdeen Wolf from the Ghouls Alive series.

I almost didn't give her her own day because she's not complete and original, but apart from being so pretty, she has a special feature.

When the switch on her back is moved she howls and her arms raise,her head tilts back,and her eyes close.

You can't tell much here, but her head tilts back too.

She's battery powered and switch activated.

The switch is on her back. The battery door is on her leg.
She was naked, so she's borrowing this dress I got in the bag of clothes I got in The Haul. It's way too big.

 Clawdeen's boots were on Catty Noir when I bought them.

Her earrings are molded,not separate pieces.

She was missing a hand, so I got another Clawdeen a few days later,just to steal her hand.(I also stole her bracelets for the other Clawdeen.)
Sorry Clawdeen.
  Tomorrow we'll look at another doll from the haul.But what kind?

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