Saturday, May 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #133:Shrunken Saturday:Snow White and Tiana

   Today we're continuing to look at my recent Goodwill hauls. These little girls are Snow White and Tiana from The Frog Princess.

They would work very well in the Lori house,or as full size dolls,(As opposed to child size.), in a regular dollhouse.

They are both wearing their original outfits except for the shoes.

These tiny dolls are only 6" tall.

They are slightly bigger than the Disney Store Animator's toddler dolls,like my Alice.
Of the two I like Tiana best.

She has a little dimple on each side.

 She's so cute. 

 I nearly left Snow behind, but they wanted to stay together...

I actually have a Cinderella and a Rapunzel from this same series. I think they are from this set.They may have been available individually though.

They laid claim to this Lego doll that I got in the bag of clothes.

She's Summer Riding Camp Emma. My own Emma already has one. She loved her Legos when she was a kid, and when they came out with this Emma I bought her one of the tiny sets with an Emma in it.

See you tomorrow for another doll from the haul.

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  1. They are both cute; I'm glad that you kept them together. :)


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