Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #130: Ever After High Apple White and Rosabella Beauty

  Today we're still knee deep in Goodwill finds. The first doll we're looking at is Apple White from Ever After High.

She was missing her little bolero jacket,hair accessory, and shoes, but she has her dress.

Hey,I think this is just a regular honeysuckle...I hope.


She had to have a bit of a curl touch up, but she's in pretty nice shape.

She has such a lot of hair gunk in her hair. It feels sticky and greasy all at once.It's just the curly haired Ever Afters that feel this way. Madeline Hatter's hair is this way too, but not Cerise's.

"Eww! This feels so gross!"

And it looks that way too.
 She's one of several Ever After High dolls that were in the tubs at the Goodwill that day. There was a Blondie Lockes too, but she was naked and missing her arm. I figured I'd pass.
My amaryllis' are still blooming and more are about to bloom.
Until I found these Ever After High dolls the only ones I owned were Madeline Hatter,(One new in box and two from yard sales.),and Bunny Blanc,which I got for Christmas one year. Speaking of Madeline Hatter,I found one of those too.

This is the same as the one I got new in box, but she was so complete that I decided to get her anyway.
Oh crap! Nice picture, but she has lint in her hair. I gave her hair a quick tidy, but she still needs a bath.
She's missing her shoes, but I actually have a spare pair. At least she has her hands!

Ever After dolls, like Monster High, are so often found without their hands, or even lower arms.There were tons of Monster High I passed up in these hauls, for just that reason.

 That's the price you pay for the articulation, I guess.

It would be nice if their legs were more articulated too. I guess, at least their legs don't fall off!
  There was another Ever After High doll I got in the three hauls I made at that Goodwill last week. She's Rosabella Beauty, 'daughter of Beauty and the Beast'.

This particular version of Rosabella came with 'Daring Charming, son of King Charming'.

 She was naked and has been redressed, but she's identifiable by her light pink legs and red and brown hair.

Her legs have an intricate molded in design.

She was missing a hand,but she was so pretty I got her anyway.

 There were no other dolls with her skin tone there,but I got an extra Monster High Clawdeen and stole her hand for this girl.

Can you guess which one it is?

 She's darker than this girl, but not much. It's not a terrible match.

It's this one! The claws are a bit of a giveaway!
She is really pretty, even in this dress that's much too big.

And we'll end with Apple White.

Tomorrow we'll see another doll from the haul.

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