Thursday, May 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #131:Specs Reads a Lot

  It's time for another edition of 'All the stuff I got at Goodwill last week"! Today's doll is a Lalaoopsey Littles. She's Specs Reads a Lot.

Specs is the little sister of Bea Spells a Lot.

She needs a good bath and spot removal and her clothes need washed.
 She stands about 8" tall.

That's including her topknot.

She has cute overalls.They're all once piece and velcro in the back.

Her shoes are removable.

Her shoes say R and L. She must have trouble with left and right.
Her glasses are not.

They're hooked to her head internally. I'm thinking of getting this feature on my glasses...

I was pretty excited to get this girl. I love dolls with glasses, and I like this character particularly. I also didn't have any Lalaoopsies this size.
Tomorrow we'll see some other Lalaoopsies from the haul.

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