Saturday, May 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #140:Shrunken Saturday:Tiny Teens Beau Time

  It's Shrunken Saturday, so we're taking a break from the massive Goodwill haul to see a mini doll. Today's doll is Beau Time.

Beau Time is a Tiny Teens doll, made by Uneeda in 1967.(You may have seen another Tiny Teens doll, Shower Time,here on the blog during the last Doll-A-Day year. If not, you can see her HERE.)

This is her original dress,plus she has her undies. No shoes though.
Uneeda used the name 'Tiny Teens' for at least three lines of dolls,all totally different.

The earliest Uneeda 'Tiny Teens' dolls were 10 1/2" dolls similar to Little Miss Revlon.

Next came the Tiny Teens like our girl today,which are about 5" tall.

Lastly, in the '70's there was an 8" line called 'Tiny Teens'.

Tiny Teens are jointed at the neck,shoulders,and hips.

The head is ball jointed, so it's able to be tilted,as well as turned.

I love this staircase, but I've only used it for doll photos one other time.(You can see that one HERE.) It was actually a piece that came with two Matrix figures.

It's so formal,and small. It was hard to find a doll that suited it.

She has trouble standing up even with something to lean on though,(Must be the tippy toe feet.),so it made it hard to pose her on the stairs.

The curly haired Tiny Teens hair can be a bit crispy. The straight haired ones have smooth hair though.

Here she is with two other Tiny Teens, including the one you've seen before, Shower Time.

The girl on the left seems to be Party Time. She has her pink hair band, which is grosgrain and resembles Tutti hair ribbons.

I also have this girl,who is slightly different from the others.

Her head is a bit bigger and her arms are a bit different. She's marked U.D. Co,(Uneeda Doll Company).

Anybody know anything bout this difference? UPDATE:See the link in the comments, provided by a thoughtful reader.

Tomorrow we're back to the Goodwill haul dolls.


  1. Here's a blog page that explains the difference between the two types of head
    Looks like most of yours are the original 1969 dolls but that one redhead is a 1970 doll.

    1. Thanks! That was quick! I'll have a look at that.


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