Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #134: Happy Mother's Day! KayBee Special Edition Fashion Avenue Barbie 1998

  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

We're going to take a break from all the Goodwill hauls to celebrate Mother's Day. 

You'll have seen this doll before. She's Tammy World's mother, Dolly World.

But originally she was the KayBee Special Edition Fashion Avenue Barbie from 1998.

Her original outfit,which I have been known to describe as Asian Wild West Dance Hall girl.

Kaybee was a chain of toy stores. I'm not sure if any of them still exist, but all of the ones around here went out of business.

She has what is known as The Mackie Face,because it was first used on a Bob Mackie Barbie doll.

When I bought her I kept her as she was for a while, but then I needed a model for some doll clothes Emma and I were making one day.

But not this dress. it's a 'store bought', as people used to say.
She became our model. She just looked so good in everything we put on her that we started calling her The Most Beautiful Doll in the World.

Somewhere around then the kids started calling my Fern doll 'Tammy the Doll', because I said if somebody made a doll of me as a kid they should use Fern,because she had the red hair and ponytail I had as a kid.

They are wearing their coordinating fruit clothes.

So when 'Tammy' was playing with the kids' dolls, she needed a mom, and The Most Beautiful Doll in the World had a child.

We shortened her name to 'Dolly World',because the full thing was too much to say every time. That's how they became the 'World' family.(And naming the husband "Wally World" was my joke.Yeah. I'm a riot like that...)

 I wish she didn't have to have blue earrings all the time.

I've often thought about rebodying her to an articulated body. Her skin tone is so pale though that it's hard to find a body for her. Some Liv dolls and the Made to Move Asian doll come close,but aren't quite right.

Apparently I will be spending tomorrow with all of my children. That's the plan anyway.That's the best gift I can think of.

So Moms,today I hope your children are treating you so a meal,bringing you flowers, or, more importantly, spending some time with you.
  Tomorrow we're back to the old Goodwill haul,(Don't worry. It'll all be over soon.)


  1. KayBee Toys is dead, I'm sad to say. I was devastated when that happened, because I used to love KayBee Toys. Dolly is definitely a good contender for the most beautiful doll in the world; it's hard to knock a redhead.

    1. On behalf of my people, I thank you!

  2. That Barbie is still one of the favorites in my collection. She really is gorgeous, which is all the more amazing considering she was just an "ordinary" pink box doll. 1910s Barbie has the same mold and similar face paint; I have that one in my collection as well.

    1. Yes! Promenade in the Park! They are practically twins. I love that one too. I love her clothes.


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