Sunday, May 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #141: Grow and Style Rapunzel and Her Friend Classic Rapunzel

  Today's doll from the (Goodwill) haul is Grow and Style Rapunzel.

She's from 2007.

She's smallish doll. She seems smaller than her 11".

She's smaller than her 'twin', the Disney Store Classic Rapunzel,which I got at the same time.

Disney Store girl was naked, so she's being a little shy. She could do a Lady Godiva with all that hair.

I like the faces on all the Rapunzel dolls. they're all pretty. But I prefer the  more cartoony big eyed and freckled version.
The Disney Store Classic Rapunzel has the graceful articulated Disney Store arms. 

Unfortunately she also has those lame,rubbery Disney Store legs.

Grow and Style Rapunzel has her original dress and shoes,which got a bit dirty when I posed her in the dry dirt and leaves.

 The dust even staticked to her legs.

The fact the she comes wearing shoes is different from the character in the movie,who was always barefoot.
 She gets her name from the piece of 'growing' hair in the top of her head.

It grows and retracts like the cord on my mother's old vacuum cleaner.When it's pulled out it grows,and to retract it you pull it out more and let go.

 It's such a miniscule amount compared to the total hair she has, there's kind of not much point.

Tomorrow we'll look at another couple of Haul dolls.

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