Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #143:Cutie Pops Chiffon Style N Pop Create N Swap

  Back to the dolls from my Goodwill hauls. Today we're looking at this Cutie Pops doll.

I swear she was wearing both boot when I bought her. Somehow one of them didn't make it home.
 She's Chiffon,from the Style N Pop Create N Swap series.

My peonies were blooming full blast when I took these.

She's my first Cutie Pops, and I like her way more than I thought I would.

She came with two choices of pony tails,the yarn ones she has,and a set of silky blonde hair ponytails.

But mine only has the yarn ones.

The ponytails, like the eyes, pop in and out.

She also came with extra 'sleep eyes,but I don't have those either.
This seems to be the first,or 'basic' Chiffon, as she's the only one that came with two sets of ponytails.There were actually two of these dolls there that day,both with their dress, but the other one had no boots.

The plastic decorations on her dress also pop on and off.

  Cutie pops have the same spindly arms and skinny legs with jointed knees and tiny feet as LaDee Da dolls,even though Cutie Pops are by Jada Toys and La Dee Das are by Spin Master.

But somehow they don't seems as weak limbed.

Oops! I was using her Goodwill price sticker to hold her lose skirt trim up.Looks like it fell down! By the way, the dolls were marked about 3 different prices, but they were supposed to be $1 each, and that's what I was charged. Plus I get the over 55 discount now!

Tomorrow we'll see another Cutie Pops doll from the haul.

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