Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #136:Monster High Catty Noir Firday the 13th and Create-A-Monster

  Still working on those Goodwill finds! Today we're looking at Catty Noir,a Monster High Friday the 13th doll.

From what I have been able to find out, she's one of a few Monster High dolls that were special releases to coincide with a Friday the 13th.

She was made in 2013.

I love this doll and her cat-ness!

She has her original jewelry.
It is her original outfit but she's missing her boots. They should be hard plastic silver boots that open up for removal or putting on.

She has a wonderful cat face.

But, as you may be able to see here, and better in some of the photos below,her soft vinyl head picks up scuff marks easily.Oh,and she's missing an earring.
 She even has a tail.

 And it's moveable.

But only from side to side.It's not bendy.

 She's very photogenic.

Although she does need the elastic replaced in the left side of her bangs.

The day I found Catty Noir I also found this cat girl.

She's a Create-a-Monster.

I tried a Liv wig on her, but even if it didn't have the peg on it that there's no hole in her head for,it would be too big.

She has a little tiny head

 I don't have any Monster High wigs.

Tomorrow is another Monster High from the haul.


  1. Catty Noir is one of my favorite Monster High characters. She looks fierce here! You could always try a crochet/knit stitch marker as an earring for her.

  2. Oh she's gorgeous! I bought a Catty on eBay for 10 dollars, and she is in worse condition than your goodwill one! The one I bought is a good candidate for a rerooting if I ever work up the courage. Catty is just so beautiful that I don't regret buying her buying her (she was missing her boots and tail, but her face was in excellent condition and her dress just needs some new velcro). Maybe you could try making the build a monster cat a wig? There's some easy looking yarn weft wig tutorials on YouTube.

    1. I did have to comb her hair.It was a bit wild. You may be missing a tail, but at least you don't have the face scuffs. You're lucky there.That face picks up scuffs so easily.You could make her a tail out of electrical wire. It would be black, and bendy for posing. I did that for Emma's Minnie Mouse costume one year.(of course, you'll need much smaller wire.)I will probably wait until I come across a Monster High wig. I have some hair, and I've watched some wig making tutorials. I've tried it,but I'm not super good at it.I end up with a big thick seam.But then,I have only been working with very tiny heads,1/12 scale and smaller.

    2. I thought a good face would be best since I could never do a repaint lol. Oh I haven't thought of that. I was thinking model magic, but had no idea how that would work! Well if you ever dec

    3. (Eep that got cut off!) If you ever try another wig, I hope you do a post on it, I love reading about those!

    4. I have found with the model magic stuff the kids used that it starts to deteriorate over time. You could do a polymer clay one, but the benefit to the wire one is that is would be bendy and posable. The wig post is a good idea. Maybe the next time I will do that.


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