Thursday, May 4, 2017

Doll-A_Day 2017 #124 :Mystery Squad Kenzie

   Today's doll is Kenzie, from the Mystery Squad series by Mattel.

You may have recently seen my post on Mystery Squad Drew.

 Kenzie is from the same series,the one and only series of Mystery Squad dolls.

Kenzie has one of the best heads of hair I've seen on a Barbie line doll.

I love it when they manage to successfully produce a doll with super curly hair. My current favourite is this girl:

She's one of the tall girls in the present line of Barbie and friends.

Seriously,people either love or hate Kenzie's hair. There is no middle ground.

I'm getting some Bride of Frankenstein from the hair in this one where I have it pulled back.
People who want a Kenzie are either anxious to play with the hair, or in a big hurry to reroot her! 

Sorry, this one refuses to be deleted without deleting the whole rest of the post,so it's here twice.

Kenzie has one of the prettiest face sculpts in all Barbiedom. The Lea face. (Also sometimes called the Kayla sculpt,since it was used on Secret Spells Kayla, one of the most sought after dolls that has used the sculpt.)

This has been one of my favourite head sculpts since I first saw it, and I have several very different dolls with this sculpt.

Originally Lea was Barbie's Asian friend,but the head sculpt has been just about everything since then.

The Mystery Squad dolls had jointed elbows,and click bendable knees. 


The knees don't bend very much though.
The other thing the Mystery Squad girls have, is painted nails.

These are her original shoes and socks.

The choker necklace is original too.

She originally had a red nylon jacket, a denim skirt, and a striped top. 

Kenzie is the surveillance specialist.

The Mystery Squad dolls came with a lot of cool spy gadgets. There was a back pack, (that you couldn't actually put stuff in, but it had a spring loaded grappling hook!),a secret code reader,a dog with a collar with a secret camera, and kid sized 'spy glasses' that allow you to read hidden messages.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Your Kenzie is gorgeous. She's one I wish I would have picked up when I had a chance. I love the picture of her on the table, very artistic!

  2. Thanks. It's only too bad I'm not tall enough to have gotten the whole circle of the table in! I was lucky Emma put her new patio table close to some steps!


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