Sunday, May 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #148 My Scene Nolee?

    We're almost through all the dolls I got at one Goodwill in that one week. Today's doll from the hauls is this girl.

She's a My Scene doll. I think she's Nolee,but if anybody knows for sure, please let me know

My Scene dolls had big lips,but they didn't look as sleazy and over made up as the Bratz dolls.

This one has long straight black hair.There are little side bangs hiding in there too, but they are kind of blended in with the other hair.

My Scene dolls were a Barbie sideline, so they had the standard Barbie body of the day. They came with the usual tiny Barbie feet, but oversized shoes to make their feet look big. This was a good thing, because if you happened to not have My Scene shoes: A.Your doll still has feet,and B. She can wear regular Barbie shoes.

She was wearing the High School Musical Gabriella shirt and some Ken jeans when I got her. This shirt is kind of boring and,ironically, I think this is a Bratz skirt. The jacket is maybe Liv? All these clothes came in the bag of clothes I got in the haul. I will change her clothes at some point,but for now,at least she's not naked.

The jacket is cool, but needs one sleeve repaired.

There are those bangs.

She has a very pale complexion.

See? That skirt is way too short.

Tomorrow we'll see some of  the last dolls from the haul.


  1. I'd say she's the Rebel Style Nolee. Lovely!

    1. Ooo! I take back what I said and second this!

    2. I think you guys are right.She seems to be Rebel Style Nolee.

  2. Not 100% sure but from the eye make up I think this is Chillin'Out Nolee. (Most Nolee's had purple or brown eye shadow.)
    On the other hand 1000% sure she is either Nolee or Delancy. At first all the black haired dolls were Nolee and Delancy was blonde. Later on the black haired dolls were all Delancy and the Nolee name vanished.

  3. You have a good point about the My Scene shoes. Good call there by Mattel. How many little girls lost the shoes for their Bratz dolls and the poor things became peg legs?

    1. Exactly! When you find Bratz or Moxie Girlz now they almost never have feet! I don't see their future as playthings carrying on very well since most of the ones around will be footless.


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