Friday, May 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #125: Short Flip Stacey Blonde

  It's VERY cold,windy, and rainy today. Somewhere, as we were driving around today, I saw on one of those electric signs that it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I overheard some ladies in a store talking about the weather report that they had heard, that said tomorrow we're supposed to get snow! I put a couple of blankets back on my bed last night, which I had taken off (and put back on a couple of times!) when the weather warmed up. Tonight I think I'll be putting another one on!
  Today's doll,who braved the cold for her photo shoot, is a blonde short flip Stacey.

By the way, anybody know what these flowers are?
Stacey, Barbie's British friend, debuted in 1968.

She was made in both talking and non talking versions.

The Talking Stacey had long hair in blonde or titian,with bangs.

Twist and Turn Stacey had long hair too, in blonde or titian, without bangs, and with 'spit curls' on her forehead and at the sides.

The short flip Stacey dolls came later.

They were Twist and Turn dolls,and were available in blonde or titian.

Stacey is my favourite vintage Barbie and friends doll. I have several, in the different styles.

You may have seen my Stacey Week posts during the last year of Doll-A-Day. If not, you can see them HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE,and HERE.

I've been waiting to use this raincoat for a blog post. I think it's vintage. It's very soft.

She's also wearing a vintage Barbie sheath dress and shoes and carrying a vintage Barbie purse.


I'm on my own here tonight, which doesn't happen very often. Ivy's working with Emma and Ken's at work too.I spent some time tonight going through some stuff and doing some straightening. It's pretty quiet here. I haven't been alone much since I had Emma almost 26 years ago,so it always feels weird when I am now. I guess I had better get used to it, since Ivy only has one more year of high school, and then she'll be off to college.

  Check back tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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  1. Can't beat a good Stacey! Yours has lovely hair.


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