Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A Girl For All Time's New Crowdfunding Campaign and First Boy Doll!

  On the 19th of May A Girl For All Time launched their latest crowdfunding campaign, to finance  the comeback of a couple of sold out dolls,Lydia and Matilda, some new clothes for both of them, a beautiful tea set for Amelia,and A Girl For All Time's first boy doll! You know I love boy dolls!
  The new doll is Max,Your Modern Boy.
He kind of looks like David Duchovny.
  He's 16 inches tall, with jointed elbows and knees. His full sale price seems to be $120. There are also supposed to be tiers of pricing with crowdfunding deals, but I can't seem to see them on the page. You can check it our HERE.  Deadline for the fundraiser is June 19th. They are hoping to have 300 preorders. If they don't reach 300,Max will not be made.
  His blue jacket is also crowdfunding.

  I love my Clementine doll by A Girl For All Time.  I really hope Max makes his 300 preorders!

Doll-A-Day 2019 # 140: Ron Stoppable and the Great Blogaversary Giveaway!

 First of all,the details about the Blogaversary contest: The contest is,unfortunately open only to those living in the continental United States. I would love to have it be world wide, but the postage would be phenomenal. Maybe when I find a really nice,but small,light weight prize I will have a competition open to just the non-U.S. readers to make things fair. In the meantime, continental U.S.residents only.
The prize: It's our Blogaversary, and this year is the 60th anniversary of Barbie. In celebration of both,the prize will be a 35th anniversary Barbie doll! In fact, the very one I posted on the blog HERE.
The rules are these:
1. You must be a follower that shows up in the side bar to enter. To follow,simply click the blue 'follow' button below the list of followers in the right hand side bar.
2. You must answer the following question in the comments of this post: Name the original creator of the Lilli cartoon, on which the Bild Lilli doll,(and her successor, Barbie) was based.
  The answer can be found on the blog somewhere. In the event of more than one correct answer by a follower, the correct entries will be placed in a container and one will be drawn at random.
  Deadline for following and commenting your answer is May 31,2019. The winner will be announced June 5th in the daily post. (Due to Emma's birthday on June 3rd.)
  Just to let everybody know, I am feeling much better the last few days. I don't feel sick any more,and I'm down to just a shadow of a headache threatening sometimes. I'm still a bit tired and lethargic,but I feel so much better!
   Today's doll is this guy.

He's Rocket Ron Adventures Ron Stoppable.

Ron Stoppable was the best friend side kick to Kim Possible, star of the animated Disney Channel series of the same name.

Kim was a world saving hero. Ron was not.  He was clutzy and uncoordinated,but he helped Kim whenever he could. Eventually Kim and Ron became a couple.
 The series, The Disney Channel's second animated original series, ran from 2002 to 2007.

There were two TV movies too. The first one was The Disney Channel's first original animated movie. (There was a Disney Channel original live action movie shown in February of 2019.) My kids watched the series, with Emma being the biggest fan of the show. (She was 11 when the show started, so that makes sense.) In fact,this doll belongs to Ivy. Ron looked a little rough when he came out of Ivy's room,which I noticed even more when I took his pictures.

So I did a little rehab on him and did some retakes.

And after.

Ron talks,via the button on his backpack.

He supposedly says four of his phrases from the series, but I can only get this one to say three:"Wait up Kim!",This does not bode well for the Ronster.",,"Who rocks?! I do!"

His head and arms are posable.

 His arms have a hinged joint and can move up and out.

Ron is wearing his usual mission outfit of black turtle neck,tan belt with pouches, and gray cargo pants.

That gray paint I mixed looked like a much better match inside where I painted it.
  Ron came with a rocket pack that attached to his backpack, and a 'Kimunicator'. He also has his pet naked mole rat in his pants pocket. 

You can see my post on Kick and Cheer Kim Possible HERE.
  That's today's doll. Check out my separate post today on A Girl For All Time's new crowdfunding project.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #139: Caco Boy

   Today is my Blogaversary! It's been six years already! To celebrate,we're going to have a contest.   You can win something! For those of you who are following the blog,or would care to follow,(in other words, you have to be a follower, who shows up in the sidebar, to enter.),keep your eyes peeled for the contest details in the coming days.
  On Mother's Day Emma and I went to an antique mall. I was disappointed to find out that the one where I most often shopped, which was across the street from the one we went to,had closed down recently. I used to find some good things there,(like the beautiful Mary Hoyer type doll I got for $4.50. I did a post on her HERE.),and the sweet Toodles looking baby I got for $8 that I posted about HERE,and the great 1/6 scale accessories I got which I posted about HERE. The one we went to prices it's stuff a lot higher, even though it's all separate vendors,so I almost never find anything I can afford there. I find things I want, but not things I can afford. But on Mother's Day I found a few affordable goodies. Today we're going to look at one. I'll let Kay and Jeffrey introduce you. (And keep in mind that they are still supposed to be 1930's or 40's kids, with the sexist attitudes of the day,used here as jokes.)
  Kay: Hey Jeffrey! Come here! I have a surprise!

Jeffrey: Nah. Go away. I'm busy.

Kay: But it's important,and you're going to want to know about it.

Jeffrey: Just tell me now.

Kay: I'm not going to tell you unless you come down.

Jeffrey: Ok. Tell me. But hurry up. I have to get back to stuff. Kay: There's a new kid in the house!

Jeffrey: Nuh uh. We're the kids now.

Kay: Don't be silly Jeffrey,there can be more than one kid in the house!

Jeffrey: Well I don't want there to be. I don't even really want you here.

Kay: Well I'm calling him in Jeffrey. You're going to like him.

Kay: You can come in now!  New Kid: Hi! My name's Moe.

Jeffrey: Uh huh.

Kay: Moe,this is Jeffrey. Moe: I don't think he likes me.

Oh don't pay any attention to him. We're going to have lots of fun!

Yeah. Don't pay any attention to me, because I don't want to be bothered!

Kay: But Jeffrey,don't you see how much fun we can have with three of us?

 Moe: That's ok. Maybe I can go back to the farm.I could sleep in the barn with the horses.

Kay: Jeffrey,do you want to make him sleep with horses?

Jeffrey: Did you really have horses? Moe: They weren't mine, but I helped take care of them. I do have my own tractor though. Just a little one. You can ride it if you want.

Jeffrey: A kid sized tractor?

Moe: Yeah. A red one...with a wagon.

Gosh...Hey, you want to see my toys?

Moe: You bet! That would be swell!

Kay: I thought we were going to play house? Moe: Well...

Jeffrey: Come on Moe! We don't want to play with her! She's a girl!

Kay: And what's wrong with that?!

Jeffrey: A LOT. Nobody wants  to play with you 'cause you're boring and the stuff you play is stupid. Come on Moe!

 Moe: Sorry Kay.

Come on Moe. I've got jacks and marbles,and cars, and a top,and checkers,and...

Moe: Sorry Kay. I gotta go!

Moe, whispering: Maybe we can play house later.

Kay: Hrumph!

Kay: Fine! I don't need you two. Come here Kitty.

Kay: Don't worry Kitty. They'll come back. They're boys...

...and I'm learning to make cake.
  Oh, they might be back, but it's going to be a while.

Moe: Okay Jeffrey. Now it's my turn.

Moe: Jeffrey!

  You might notice Moe's head was a bit...shall we say.off center? It was pretty strange looking,and was actually more noticeable in the photos. But I fixed it. If you'll also notice, he looks better in the outside photos. As for those photos,I apologize they are a little blurry, but it was already raining and about to pour, so they were taken quickly. I will probably replace or add to them in a few days.
  That's the doll for today. Tomorrow we'll check out another doll.