Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Goodies From the April Doll Show!

    I hope everybody had a good Mother's Day. We saw Fuzz a few days before, and Ivy s at college. They both messaged me though. Emma and I went to spend some time with my sister at a flea market/antique show, since Unsentimental Niece is boycotting her mother. I made a great find I'll show you another time.  Then Emma and I went back to her house and I opened my gifts, and when Ken joined us we had take out from The Cheesecake Factory. Other than all the food places in the town where the flea market was being closed when we tried to get a late lunch, good day.

  The point of this post though, is 'doll show'! There was another doll show the last Saturday in April. I think it was the last of the big Spring doll shows. There are  a couple of others, even farther away, which I probably won't go to. This one was about an hour and 20 minutes from my house. There were lots of beautiful dolls and things, some of which I had seen at previous shows, (and one of those came home with me!) I also got a big surprise! I'll show you one of the things I bought at the show. The other things we'll get to eventually. But, without further ado, here are some of the wonderful sights from the show.

Is the head of that guy on the left a...lightbulb?

  I looked at these Tressy dolls. I particularly liked the one on the left. After circling bck around several times I ended up buying her. 

  Here she is. 

  When I went back to buy her a lady came up and told me I have beautiful hair. There's one I haven't heard in a while! She was an old lady too, and she had beautiful long, wavy grey hair. Gives me hope, as mine is turning from orange to white right now. I keep telling Ken I'm too old for long hair, but she looked good.

What a lovely bunch of babies.

I've shown you that kid on the left before, from a different doll show post. He was holding the same 60's doll.

Here's a close up of some of the babies from the above picture.

These kids were on the edge of the babies picture. So pretty!

Aw! Little boys!

And a pretty girl with articulated wrists.

I think these dolls were from the same booth where I took loads of pictures. Everything that dealer had was gorgeous.

Love the girl top, center. That pink kid on the left you may remember from a previous doll show post. A lot of dolls make return appearances.

More beautiful dolls. Look Raging Moon. There's one of those mumpy looking Terri Lees you want.

This girl was still in Easter mode apparently.

How cute are these guys?! The kid on the llama! Oh my goodness! And there's another kid in Easter mode.

A couple of Shirleys with other pretty girls.

  One lady had some amazing animals and things in her booth. Everybody who walked by fell in love with this camel.

He was made by Hansa. 

And yes, he was every bit as big as he seems! Probably bigger. He was gorgeous! She also had this beautiful bear. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of his tag, so I don't know who he was made by.

  Another gorgeous sight at her booth was this cat!

He is a creation of  artist Candi Taylor.

He's even posable! 

He's jointed at each leg, and has not one, but two joints in his neck. His tail even has an armature in it!

  The same dealer also had this Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar and mushrooms.

It's by Pic-Nic-Bears.

  There was also a beautiful snail.

Then I found out she was supposed to have a bear on her back, but she wouldn't sit up that way so the bear had been sat next to her.

They're Journey and Abella by Diana L. Watts of Dibears.

If you're interested in any of these beauties, you can contact the dealer at: jhollin952@aol.com

  There was another dealer with some animals by Candi Taylor, maker of the fabulous cat. One of them was this donkey. It's so cute!

The same dealer also had this fine lady.

Her neck wrinkles made me uncomfortable!

  One dealer had a display of wonderful new R. John Wright dolls.

I'd love to have an R. John Wright doll, but I'm not rich.

The dolls in the next fourteen pictures were all so wonderful, and all from the same dealer.

My favourite here is the one with the titled head.

This is a fun bunch of little dolls.

This little girl is so cute, and has some real personality.

Beautiful bear.

The little winking guy!

The big ones are Kathe Kruse dolls. Aren't they cute?

This lady was made of wood. Her price, $375, made me feel a little wooden myself!

Beautiful animals.

  I really love these cloth faced dolls. I was just reading something today on how to make a pressed cloth face doll. I'd like to try it some time. Not that I have any belief that I can come anywhere near these guys! 

I actually photographed this girl early on, although she was at this booth, where I photographed all these other dolls later. I obviously liked her, and took her picture. Later I bought her 'sister' at another booth.

If any of these gorgeous dolls appeal to you, the dealer seems to sell on Ruby Lane:

  Moving on to other dealers, look at the face on this guardsman.

Very cute old cloth dolls.

These pressed cloth face dolls are so cute. The prices were crazy expensive though.

More pressed cloth face dolls, with a Poor Pitiful Pearl lurking on the right.

Check out the little girl on the right, wearing the plaid skirt.

There she is again. I guess she's supposed to be Scottish. Look at her attitude. She was great, but her price had been torn off, and I was afraid to ask!

The girl in plaid is a Toni. You can see her hair curling set behind her. That blonde girl is really posing. Next to her is a Mary Hartline, with some heavy duty eye makeup. Next to her is a Dianna Effner Mary Mary Quite Contrary, made by Knowles for Ashton Drake. I don't know who the little girl on the end is, but she's sweet.

Is this an Alice?

Quite a variety of Wizard of Oz Dorothy dolls. The top one , far left is a cloth faced Madame Alexander. I think the one top, far right, is a Tonner. She seems to have been redressed though. The short one with the red ribbon on her pinafore looks like a Madame Alexander. The one with the slightly yellowed face is the 1987 Dorothy by Hamilton Presents. Emma had the set of  Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow. They all came with stands that had a plastic base that looked like a piece of the Yellow Brick Road, and they all connected together. The likenesses were all pretty good really. (The Wicked Witch, with we never got, was really amazing. I wanted that one!) Unfortunately the Dorothy yellows.

  There were also these guys. Pretty scary, but fairly accurate underneath the cartoonishness. I would like to have the set. but it's way out of my price range. I do have the one though, the Paul, which I got cheap in a box of auction stuff. I was the only bidder.

George's lipstick is a bit Marilyn Monroe.

  The tall doll in the hat is another of my favourites. I didn't know who she was. Her tag says she's Barbara Lou, an Effanbee doll from the late 30's.

  Terri Lee, and an early R. John Wright doll that was only named J1. That reminds me of when we were having Fuzzy. We had referred to Emma during pregnancy, as 'Sedam Junior'. So when we were having Fuzzy we started referring to the baby as 'Jr. 2', which quickly got shortened to 'J2'. Emma always called Fuzz that until we started using the name 'Fuzzy'.

This doll is one of those beautiful shiny compo babies I've been so fond of recently. She was in her original box. Her clothes were original, but I'm not sure she hadn't been repainted.

Lots of cartoon characters here: Popeye, Dopey, Nancy and Sluggo, Pinocchio, Little Lulu and Tubby, a king I recognize but can't remember the name of, and Felix the Cat.

These dolls are different. They're 1967 dolls called PeePul Pals. They came in little house shaped boxes. The dolls themselves are kind of like Pose Dolls.

  This pretty child is Betsy McCall. This is the larger version of Betsy, by American Character. She's 29" tall, and was made in 1961. These are her original clothes too. She was nice. 

I considered this little tiny bisque girl with jointed arms . She has the best face, but when she's standing, her head is tilted down so far you can't see her face. Instead of buying her, I took her picture. 

  I ran into the same little Betsy McCall...

This picture is from the other show.

... and the Whimsies Tillie Talker that I had seen at a previous show.

This is from the other show too. Since I had already photographed them, I didn't photograph them again.

 The Whimsies dealer dropped Tillie's price, which made Tillie and Betsy the the same price. Both were very tempting. They were also right across the aisle from each other! I stood between them trying to decide what to do! Betsy was a really good price already, due to a torso joint that wasn't joining properly. She was still more than I wanted to spend. I was torn. I decided to go out to the car and call Ken and ask him to tell me no on either! Of course, he's Ken, so he won't do that anyway. But also, on the way out I remembered to stop at the board by the admission table to see if I had, against all reason, because I don't win anything, won a door prize---and I had! My name was on the board! I was allowed to pick anything I wanted from the prize table.  There wasn't anything I wanted, so I decided to try to choose the most valuable thing, so I could sell it and make enough money to justify buying either Tillie or Betsy. I chose the Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley doll from the 'The Sun Never Sets on a Legend' series. I don't like Elvis Presley, (I like Elvis Costello.), but I do like dolls of real people that actually look like them, and this doll is pretty good. If I get stuck with him, I can live with it.  

  Ken suggested I ask both dealers if they would mark their dolls down any more. I knew Tillie's wouldn't, because she already had knocked $10 off for me. I wasn't even going to ask. I went back in and had another close look at Betsy. The lady dealer who had been there before was gone and the male dealer was there. His first reaction to me looking at Betsy was to offer a discount! He asked if the new price would make a difference and I said, "Yes! That makes me make a decision!" So, even though she's not quite a red head, I'm glad to have my beautiful Betsy! I'll do a photo session with her in a few days. I'll also show you the other dolls I got. Right now I have to go mow my overgrown yard!



  1. I had to keep a note next to the pictures so I could type as I scrolled. LOL Hopefully I didn't get off in numbering.

    I think my favorites are -
    Picture 4, I like all the Tressy's, but I like the one you picked best
    Picture 6, I LOVE the doll with the lace bonnet
    Picture 8, I love the doll with the bonnet but I am not sure I like her bonnet - lol
    Picture 10, the little boy in tan!!! What an adorable face
    Picture 14, my grandma's doll looks like the one in the black and white dress - will have to get a picture when I uncover the doll cabinet.
    Picture 17, torn between the two boys with a side look
    Pictures 22-28, that cat is AMAZING
    Picture 36, that old woman doll is eerie, she looks so real!!
    Picture 45 I like the one in the read dress and the little boy out front
    Picture 50, the carving on the wooden doll is fantastic.
    Picture 64, I wish you had gotten more of the cute boy doll in the picture!
    Picture 67, the Effenbee doll is so cute! I love her face sculpt
    Picture 70, the baby doll. OMG, if repainted, they did a great job.

    And yes, I think that IS a light bulb!!

  2. LOL, mumpy Terri Lee! I love the way you word things! I think the Terri Lee that was the R. John Wright doll's friend is actually Mary Jane (I know because I just got one of my own). Terri Lee is mumpy, and Mary Jane is JOWLY!!! I don't know which is worse. Hey, regarding hair length, my mom is seventy and has long hair, so you are by no means obligated to cut yours. Congrats on Betsy; she's a beauty!

    1. I thought that Terri Lee looked a little off, but I'm not up on all the Terri Lee details. How do you feel about the repro Terri Lee? I think she's way more attractive than her vintage counterpart. Less mumpy.
      You go Raging Moon's mom! You know, my grama had hair nearly past her bum, but she kept it in a bun and a hair net, like old ladies did back then.
      Betsy will be getting her own photo shoot soon, so stay for the unveiling.


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