Thursday, April 11, 2024

I've Got Darkness, On a Sunny Day: We Got the Total Eclipse!

 Okay. I might as well post my eclipse pictures. I already posted them on the blog's Facebook page, (Which you can find HERE. I repost extra stuff from elsewhere sometimes, so check it out.) 

  We were really lucky. It was supposed to be cloudy and overcast, but instead we had a beautiful, sunny, blue sky-ed day. That meant we were able to see the eclipse perfectly. We left town and went about a half hour away to get a few extra seconds of totality. It was almost four minutes, but it seemed much shorter. Here in this hunk of Ohio we got total eclipse, but it wasn't pitch dark like I thought it would be. Another reason we left town was to find somewhere where there would be minimal artificial lighting. We watched the eclipse from the back parking lot of a craft and antique place with a veg market and cafe. We even had a nice little pond there, which I photographed to document the gradual darkness. It didn't really show up in the photos until it got really dark though. 

  I had no polarizing filter for my camera, so I did the only thing left to do: I held my disposable eclipse glasses over my camera lens! It worked. I also took some pictures without them when it got to the point that was safe to view with the naked eye. I probably should have used them though, as I got a huge glare, which looks more like the sun than the sun did at tat point. (In those pictures, the sun and moon are actually the little blue ring and not the huge white ball. The white ball was something that only appeared in the photos, and not in the sky when I was looking. (I'm not stupid people. I knew when to put the glasses back on.)  Ken was really upset with himself for not bringing the appropriate filters. He hasn't even shown me his pictures yet.

  These pictures are in order, to show you the progression.

Sunny sky. Just starting the eclipse.

Getting dark.

The sun/moon is the blue ring you can see just below the lens flare.

I'm wondering if the light spot at the bottom of the ring is the hint of the solar flare that showed up on the bottom of the sun during the eclipse.

Glasses go back on about now, as the sun begins to reappear. The 'diamond ring' effect seems to be going on here too. See the slight white bulge at the top left of the ring.  

You can see the outline of the glasses on this one. I trimmed it out of the others.

Getting light again.

  I'm glad I got to see it. There won't be another here until 2099, at which point I would be 137 years old. I'm guessing I'll miss that one.

  Another doll post soon.                 


  1. Ev'rything under the sun is in tune...but the sun is eclipsed by the moooooooooooon!

    LOL, was this awesome or what? It's still the talk of the town where I am; people are asking "Did you watch the eclipse?" and sharing stories. It was 100% worth the wait.

    1. Maybe I'm hard to please, but I was expecting it to get completely dark. Like, pitch dark. It was only evening dark. Did it get completely dark where you were? It was still amazing and awesome though. I was excited, and am so glad I got to see it.

  2. We watched it up here too. I was so thankful that the weather co-operated! You got some really nice pictures. I wasn't expecting it to get completely dark, but I also wasn't expecting it to get as cold as it got. Mr. BTEG got some good photos by putting the eclipse glasses in front of his camera lens as well

    1. I read that on your blog. And here I was thinking I'd be the only one doing that! I recommended it to the people parked next to us, and the guy used the glasses on his phone. I couldn't get them in the right place on my phone. I had heard the temperature might change as much as ten degrees, but I didn't feel much difference. Are you going to the doll show at the end of the month?

    2. Is this the one in Cincinnati? That would be a long haul for me and I don't know that I'm up to it.

    3. No. I was thinking it's Strongsville, but it's Rossford (Toledo).

    4. I am planning on going to the doll show! I hope to see you there.

    5. It's a good thing you sent this! I thought I missed it on Saturday! I'll try to see you there!


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