Sunday, June 6, 2021

World Doll Day and Some Updates

   Ken and I are still borrowing Emma's ancient computer. We still haven't gotten the other doll show pictures off Ken's computer, so part two of that post is still on hold. I was going to show you what I bought at the doll show, but then I remembered that all my camera batteries are dead, and my charger has disappeared! (What did I say last time? It's always something!) So that will happen when I get my batteries charged.

  To update about my fingers, you may remember I was having trouble with a couple of fingers on my right hand being sore and stiff. Well, it has never completely left, but there have been days when it was better. At the moment it's worse. It's more fingers, and my thumb, and has been extra stiff and painful. It may not be much, but I swear all the fingers are a bit swollen too.It has made it hard, or at least painful, to do things. It probably didn't help that I mowed the grass yesterday. 

  One day when the fingers weren't too bad I did some sewing and started to repair the big Linnea doll we found on the highway. I reattached the back of her head and her shoulder/neck. and sewed her legs where they had started to come off. I still need to put her one arm back on. That will wait until my hand is better, because the last work I did on her made it worse. 

  That reminds me. There are still a few dolls left from the ones we found on the highway. Still available are the sugar sack doll, the hand painted doll that needs resewn, the hand painted 'Wood n' Folks' doll, and the felt policeman with a stockinette face. If anybody is interested in a free doll, (but for the cost of shipping), don't forget to leave a comment on the original post that's linked above, and let me know which one you want, your address so we can figure shipping cost, and your email address so we can let you know. Beth in WV, don't forget to comment with your address so I can send you the postal cost for the doll you wanted.

  Thursday was Emma's 30th birthday, so we celebrated with her, her boyfriend AJ, her friends Zack and Erin, and, surprise! Ivy! We didn't know she was coming from Indiana, so that was great. She stayed until Saturday morning, so we got to spend a little time with her. She is staying in Indiana over the summer because she's doing an internship at the theatre. Emma celebrated turning 30 by getting nostalgic. She was thrilled with the rerelease of Pepsi Blue, one of her favourite drinks. She got some of that in, along with Doritos 3D, and Crispy M&Ms. The story behind the M&Ms is that Ken used to work in a store that sold the Sunday paper. He used to bring home all the leftover ads from it to get the weekly coupons. One week Emma scoured the papers and tore out all the coupons for free Crispy M&Ms, and spent the summer redeeming them. She ordered Papa John's pizza for lunch, which was one of the things we frequently did for her childhood birthday parties. To carry on the nostalgia I brought and hung one of her childhood Happy Birthday banners, and we gifted her with, amongst other things, a very soft mini Pooh Bear, since when she was a child we called her Pooh Girl.

  World Doll Day is coming up soon, on June 12th. 


You may have read about World Doll Day here or elsewhere. If not, you can read about World Doll Day at their website HERE. WDD encourages giving a doll to someone special on the day. It's also a nice day to give to children's charities, or to gift a needy child with a doll or other appropriate toy. The National Federation of Doll Collectors has online events planned. You can check out their page and keep up with what they're planning HERE.

 That's it for today. I'll see you again soon, when I get my camera batteries charged!

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