Sunday, October 2, 2022

Where's That Book Post Then?!

   I know the Book of the Month is a couple of days late. I spent the last week and a half running around getting things done for other people. For one thing we spent a few days getting Fuzz moved and sorted out. I took a day in between to let my leg recover. Yesterday I went with my sister to a toy show, which is quickly becoming over run with dolls. I made some good finds, which I will share with you soon, in more ways than one. In other words,  I got a bulk deal which included a lot of dolls I don't want, so they will be available for adoption. There is some interesting stuff in there. I also got a box full of stuff for an amazing $5, but I'm getting ahead of myself, and my posts, here. I'll show you that stuff soon. And it will have to be soon, because here's a surprise: We are finally taking our trip to England and farther shores! And it's for certain this time, because flights are booked, accommodations arranged, sisters and friends alerted,  arrangements made and remade. We have lift off! And we will be lifting off later this month! So the other thing I've been doing is working on the plans, (most of the big stuff was taken care of by Emma and Ken. I did the small stuff like making connections with friends and reminding people of details and gathering together things we need to take with us, like the luggage scale, plug converters, chargers, gifts for everybody, etc. Before we leave I have to get the rest of my windows scraped, puttied, and painted. With my bad leg that's going to be a challenge. I also need to let my leg rest and heal, or there's going to be a real problem. 

  Anyway, expect the book post tomorrow, and I will have another readied and set to post at the end of the month while we are gone. See you soon!


  1. Tam, how exciting that you're headed across the pond! I can only imagine the preparations involved. My youngest just got back from Germany--she ran in the Berlin Marathon--and we puppy-sat for the time she was gone. Good luck with the windows, the trip prep, and your poor leg!

    1. Thanks. Those windows are looking a lot less likely!


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