Friday, April 16, 2021

Some Random Things You Might Be Interested In

  I posted the Old Cottage Doll Ken got me for Easter in my last post. He got me a few other things too, which I thought might interest some of you. Not too long ago, (Or was it? Time means nothing to me any more!) , I posted about the new series of Mini Brands Toys. I said I wouldn't buy any more of them because they were too expensive for most of the things you might get. That's true. But that doesn't mean someone can't buy them for me! Ken got me one more ball, and this is what was in it, (Minus the shopping cart.)

I already had the Angelica, so now I have one more thing to trade, if anybody is interested. Here are the other three though.

Ken also got me a pack of Wacky Packages products. Wacky Packages have been around for a long time. I collected the stickers when I was a kid. Wacky Packages are joke versions of actual products. Most of them are kind of gross, but that's why kids love them I guess! The Wacky Packages products  come in a cannister sort of thing.

Within the cannister there are plastic packages with the products inside.

Here is one of the plastic bags with the products I got.

The product packaging is really good and very accurate to the real products. The Nesquik (or, 'Nesquak') container is especially realistic, and even has the little nib on one side of the lid to lift it by. (The lid doesn't really come off, unfortunately.) 

  The meatballs can is a bit large for 1/6 scale, (Extra large family size?) , but the others are perfect. Has Mini Brands done a Nesquik or a Log Cabin? If not, and you really wanted them, you could get these and print a label for them on your computer. A lot of things can be made at home, and I have seen people make containers like these out of polymer clay, but the plastic probably looks more realistic. I'm all about the realism. These could even be used in the cupboards, shelves, or on the counters in the background of photos, without anybody being able to tell they are 'Wacky'.

  I also talked in that other post about how I got free Mini Brands Toys. The free ones were on the display boxes they throw away when they're empty. Well I have had my eye on the Wacky Packages display boxes since I spotted them. The other day I was lucky enough to get a couple of display boxes at a Target. They had both Series 1 and Series 2, and I got both.

As you can see, I now have an extra Mrs. Klean and an extra Chef Borgardee...

 On other subjects I thought some of you might be interested in these cute pajama sets for the Disney Princesses Comfy Squad. They were at Ollies for only $2.99, which I thought was a pretty good price.

I don't have any of the dolls, (But I'd like to have Merida and Anna from the first series.), but I was thinking...

They fit Tammy World! Not the slippers, but the clothes do.

Tammy can wear the big plastic hair bow, but she probably won't.

"The other one says 'Nap Queen', but I'm wearing this one as clothes!"

  They also had Jasmine's pjs I think. but I wasn't crazy about them.

  Also, a random reminder that the wire handles from Chinese food take out containers are very useful, so I save them.

I had these laying around to put away and I happened to think about it.

 I used one on the Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit ornament I made for Emma last year.  

  And that's all for today. Just some random things I was thinking you might be interested in. I have lots to show you, which I'm sure you will get to see soon. Things have been compiling and I haven't been posting about them because I hate using Ken's computer. But I am getting a new computer. (FINALLY!) I'm not sure when, but soon. I'll be a lot more productive with my own computer.


  1. I like the puns used in the mini food items.

    Here's a kind of related question. I always say Heinz Catsup but most folks say Heinz Ketchup. Some company at some point used Catsup as the name of its product but I cannot remember which one.

    I hope your computer comes soon.

  2. Excellent mini's..I'd love to find some to put in my small claw machine. Still looking for the round bubble things you can put stuff in for them.
    Love the pj's that Tammy is wearing, might they also fit Only Hearts dolls? Hope you had an awesome birthday,I've already blown my birthday money on a Silkstone 60 ann. Ken doll since my fave seller gave me a break on it. Good thing I am donating some MIB stuff to charities..dolls are spilling over into the guest bath.Hope you are keeping warm and well!

    1. I bet they would fit Only Hearts dolls.
      We've been as warm as possible, considering we were covered in snow yesterday!


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