Sunday, May 28, 2023

Doll-A-Day 2023 #140: Mystery Barbie, and My Wonderful Mother's Day Presents

   I do have a doll for you today, but first, I haven't told you about the great gifts I got for Mother's Day this year. To preference this, about two years ago Ken and I were out on Fun Day. We went to an antique mall, and I saw a really amazing tiny roll top desk in one of the glass display cases. It was just the right size for Tammy World, but it was a bit pricey. I mean, it wasn't over priced for how great it was. It was just more than I pay for stuff for myself. I kept my eye on it. Over the next two years we went to that antique mall a few times, and it was always there. It was almost covered with other stuff in the crowded case, so maybe people didn't really see it very well. For the last few months before  Mother's Day I had been thinking about it, and thinking, I should see if it's still there, and if it is, I should leave an offer for the dealer and see if they accept. Of course, once I decided to do that, I couldn't find it! We went first to the antique mall I thought it was in. Nope. Then we checked the other one in the same town, because if it wasn't in that first one, it must be in that one, right? Well it wasn't. I couldn't remember where the other antique mall we had been to several times was.

   Finally I remembered, and we found a day to go check. And there it was! I had never asked to actually see it out of the case before, because it was too expensive anyway. But this time I was going to check it over and make an offer. We got somebody from the mall to open the case. They were talking about how there was so much stuff in the case. I commented that the desk had been there for about two years. Suddenly someone next to the case piped up, "But I'm here today and I can mark it down for you!" What?! Yay! What were the chances she'd be there the day we were there?! She said she only comes once or twice a month because she lives in another state. She marked it down, but of course, Ken is a cheapo who tried to talk her down more. He said what if we bought more stuff? He asked me to see what else I wanted from the case. I didn't see anything I really wanted, but she had brought some new stuff. I looked in the box she had brought, and it was full of dollhouse stuff. I said, "Is this Renwal?" She said yes,and I asked, "Do you have do!! The pedal trash can!" 

  That was the only other thing I found, but she still knocked off another $5 in the end. So I got my...I mean Tammy World's, roll top desk!

  The front really rolls up and down.

Tammy says yes, she is still wearing the Veggiesaurus shirt, but she did get some other pants, and new shoes. The pants are homemade and vintage. The shoes are from a Kelly Club Belinda clown outfit from 2000. It's the same one that Fuzzy the Doll stole the nose glasses from.

Look at all the little cubby spaces in it!

The front rolls down.

  Tammy still needs an appropriate sized chair to go with it.

For now a spool will have to do.

A better view of all the little storage spots in it.

It even has one of those slide out writing spots.

And all the drawers and  the door open.

I got the hankie too. I thought it would make a great bedspread.

The weird thing is, there is a piece down the back of the drawers that, when in position, keeps the drawers from opening. Unfortunately, it's in position when the desk is sitting flat. Shouldn't that be when you should be able to get the drawers open? You want them to not slide out when you're carrying the desk around or something. Anyway, Tammy and I love her desk!

  My other gift, from the kids, was, wait for it! A Nordic Sleep Foss Flakes Medium Low pillow!!! 

You might remember me raving about the pillow I slept on in Iceland, the only pillow other than my old feather one I had ever been really comfortable sleeping on. The kids pooled together and bought me one! My neck crick is no more! So comfy, and the fitting successor to my 50+ year old feather pillow. I told Ken I feel like I'm cheating on my old pillow though! We've been together since I was 11!

  Now for today's doll. She was in a case full of 70's and early 80's dolls that was brought from the house for me to check. They were all dry and fine. But I don't know who she is. I want to get rid of her, and knowing her name would help. She may not be wearing her own clothes. But if anybody recognizes her, please let me know who she is.


I don't generally like this Barbie face, but I think this girl is quite pretty.

 She has super long, very silky hair. It falls and moves like real hair.

The outfit is faux suede

It has big fake buttons on the front.

And a big collar.

As you can see, she had earrings at some point.

  From the looks of her, I'm guessing her to be about mid 1980's. Anybody?

  That's today's doll. See you tomorrow.


  1. I'd say she's an Angel Face, at least in the sculpt, but her eyes are bigger than the one I have, so she's *probably* a later model. Angel Face was 1982. Couldn't tell you where the outfit's from though.

    I love that rolltop, Mom had one just like it but in a much darker wood. Except hers was mostly the top of one desk, and the legs off (I think she said) a piano? Great-granddad used to go out to the various islands off the coast around Savannah and salvage things after storms.

    1. That sounds like an interesting roll top desk! I love that he made it from finds. He was a Womble! That was an English kids show, and the theme song said that Wombles were, "Making good use of the things that we find, thing that the everyday folk leave behind." Ken always says his dad was a Womble! I know I am.

    2. I guess I come by it naturally, haha. The creativity runs in that side of the family. There's a good reason I was a huge fan of The Borrowers, if they're anything like Wombles!

    3. I LOVE The Borrowers! I suppose The Wombles and The Borrowers have something in common, in that they made things out of things they found. I always loved things like The Borrowers and stories about mice who slept in matchbox beds, etc. I liked the things made out of other things. It comes in handy when doing miniatures I guess! If you're curious about The Wombles, you can actually watch some on Youtube:

    4. Had a look around and my best guess is that's either a Day to Night Barbie, based on the big eyes/angular brows combo, or one of the early 90's ones.. The outfit she's in...I suspect is either homemade or a competitor's fashions. It's reminiscent of what comes with Day To Night, but that particular outfit has actual buttons on it and didn't include either of the pieces yours is wearing.
      Note that I am not a Barbie expert, though =p

    5. I'm pretty sure Day to Night didn't have bangs. But I also have the Day to Night outfit, in the same case. Hmmm...

  2. Oh, I love that Barbie! She's charming. I'm never big on that face sculpt, either, but every great once in a while, there is something lovely about those sweeter-looking Superstars.

    So glad you found the rolltop desk for Tammy World. A real rolltop lives in my bedroom. It's my mom's, and it's huge.

    Glad you got your fancy pillow, too! :)

    1. I totally agree. There are a few Barbie's of that era that just look so sweet and fresh faced and pretty.
      You have to love a roll top desk! I wouldn't mind having one myself. And yes! The pillow! I never would have bought it for myself, although Ken said he was looking into it. Thank goodness for the kindness of my children!


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