Monday, June 5, 2023

Doll-A-Day 2023 #148: Majorette Skipper

   Today's doll is this one. I bet you can guess what she's called.

She's Majorette Skipper. You can tell that because she's dressed in her majorette outfit.

She's got the hat.

Chin  strap and all.

Her uniform is made to look like it has the butttons down the front.

She was produced in 1992.

She has the majorette boots with fringy pom poms on them.

And of course, since she's a majorette, she has her baton.

Thanks to that little tan coloured gizm she can even twirl it.

Her hand fits into that slot so she can hold it.

Then it can spin.

This doll was in a box that got water in it. I dried the dolls out and cleaned them up. This was one that Emma said she had always wanted, so when she was dry, and I had photographed her for the blog, Emma took her. I collect Skippers, but this one really isn't my era anyway. She is Emma's era, since this is the Skipper head svulpt from when she was little. This big eye head sculpt is either loved or hated by collectors. It's less realistic than any other Skipper head sculpt. Mattel used it for a while though, on a lot of Skipper and Skipper friend dolls.

  That's today's doll. See you tomorrow for another one.

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