Thursday, June 8, 2023

Doll-A-Day 2023 #151: Tag Along Tiffy

   Today's doll is a pet for a doll. It's Tag Along Tiffy.

 Tiffy is a Barbie pet, made in 1992.

She is way big for a Barbie scale cat. Maybe she's a Maine Coon Cat.

Tiffy came with lots of little accessories.

She has a straw hat, (The same one that came with several Barbie dolls as Barbie's hat. Maybe she loaned it to Tiffy...or maybe Tiffy loaned it to her.)...

...a box of cat food...

...a cat 'magazine', (It's just folded cardboard.Shh...),with her picture on it, because even Barbie's cat is a model...

 ...a leash, 3 collars, a brush, and a friendship bracelet for the kid who owned her. (The real kid. Not Barbie.)

  She is equipped with wheels, so Barbie can take her for a walk, even when her pesky pet doesn't want to go.

Tiffy has the look of a very pampered pet.

She's hugely fluffy, with a big tail.

and a tag nearly as big.

Her head can turn, so she can see what regular cats are sneaking up to mock her.

Her face reminds me of the kittens to the Hasbro Kitty Surprise cat, who had a surprise number of kittens hidden inside her.

  That's the doll for today. (Hey. Nobody said a doll had to be human.) She was rescued unharmed from the house, but she needs to find a new home. If you want to adopt Tiffy, leave me a comment with your contact information. See you again tomorrow for another doll of some sort.


  1. Good night nurse, even Barbie's pets have to be pink! I think the girl has a fetish for the color pink.

  2. (I accidentally hit "publish" on my comment. I meant to say that the Ginger dog looks funny with presumably 4-year-old Kelly, since it is taller than her even only standing on all fours 😆)

    1. Maybe my first comment disappeared and I did not hit publish... It was a long one... But to make the second comment make sense, I have to write that I think that large cat reminds me of the huge "Ginger" the dog that came with a roller skating Barbie and with a Kelly doll with a Radio Flyer wagon. The dog could drag the dolls, but looked funny with the little girl.

    2. Wee let's face it, Barbie's world isn't always to scale. Remember when Kelly was a baby in a crib, with pacifier and diaper? The she was too big. Then she was going to school, and was too small. Those Teacher Barbie/Heart Family/Rosebud Babies kids were HUGE! The animals are frequently the wrong size. This cat is the size of an old English sheepdog!

    3. Yes. The Heart Family twins were huge. But I think their scale, if they were supposed to be toddlers, was better than Kelly. I assume Kelly and her friends are 4 years old, since they have 4 candles on their cakes. Chelsea celebrated het 6th birthday. So I guess the tall Kelly and friends dolls were supposed to be 5. Happy Family Nikki celebrated her 1st birthday when she came in her second version. I guess Krissy is somewhere between 6 and 18 months and since her feet are not flat, I guess she has not learned to stand or walk yet.

    4. Yes. The Heart Family dolls make better toddlers than Kelly. Kelly is proportioned too much like an older kid to be a baby or a toddler. Krissy. Now there's one I wasn't even thinking about. i think she was a good baby size. Ivy loved Krissy, and so did I!


Thanks in advance for your comments.