Saturday, June 3, 2023

Doll-A-Day 2023 #146: Antique Bendy Chimp

   Today's doll is a little fellow. He's a chimp too.

Not a monkey, because monkeys have tails, and this guy is tailless.,

He's about four inches tall.

He has a great face, and tiny little glass eyes. Seriously, these things are minuscule.

He has a hole in one corner of his mouth that looks like he may have smoked at one point! We had a Popeye doll when we were kids and he had the same hole in his mouth where his pipe used to be.

His face, ears, hands, and feet are made of flannel, I think, while the rest of him is a velvety faux fur.

His facial features and his fingers and toes are painted on.

  He has wires in his arms and legs, so he is posable, and can sit, and bend his arms and legs.

I can't remember where I got him, but I just love him. He's sort of like a very old relative of  my Cottage Collectibles Max, which I showed you HERE. I wish I knew who he was made by, or something. He's quite old. I can tell that.

  If anybody can identify him, please leave a comment. I did find a very similar toy on Ebay HERE, but that one has compo hands and feet, and springs at it's ankles and wrists! Same fur and face though. Weird.

  See you tomorrow for another doll.

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